An introductory site to this popular & wonderful route.

An introductory site to this popular & wonderful route

Get prepared

Don't worry... you won't need to climb this... unless you get lost... as I did!
Don’t worry… you won’t need to climb this… unless you get lost… as I did!


  • Even the altitude of the route doesn’t go above 100m, you will find a lot of steep hills. Wind and rough terrain could cause you further trouble, for this reason it’s advised to take some training on hilly roads or in your favorite gym.

Cycling equipment

  • Your bike – or you can rent one here.
  • Set for patching tires and spare tube, pump, basic tools for tuning.
  • Flashing light: especially if you are cycling in late autumn or winter, days are pretty short so the sunset comes quickly.

Clothes etc.

  • First aid kit, personal ID
  • Sun cream and sun glasses – especially if traveling in Summer!
  • It’s unlikely to rain in summertime, anyway take with you a light rainsuit as a general rule for cycling
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit: you’ll be crossing so many wonderful beaches!
  • GPS, maps and guides – see here.

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