An introductory site to this popular & wonderful route.

An introductory site to this popular & wonderful route

A video on the Ecovia by some bike travellers

Here you can see with your eyes the Algarve route!

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4 comments on “A video on the Ecovia by some bike travellers

John Neary

Hi Lorenzo,
I enjoyed this video but wonder, did these cyclists choose to occasionally pedal on “single track” paths meant for their mountain bikes, or is this the Ecovia route that a road bike would also use? I will be biking there in October on a tandem with my wife and it appears that some of the terrain shown in this video is rough.


Hi John, the Ecovia is about 50% on dirt road. I am not sure about the “single track”, I think it was a detour, not sure if voluntary or unwanted. Of course you can build you personal itinerary completely on paved road if you need that, but if you can deal with not so bad unpaved road, I think you can follow the Ecovia.

norman mart

Hi, I’m riding west from Faro and wondered whether to take a train part of the way to avoid busy roads or is there a quiet route out ie will I be able to find the track as I know maps are pretty hard to come by and not the best.
I’m going Mar ’20


Hi Norman, personally I would not recommend you to take a train because you would miss the most beautiful parts of the Ecovia! You are right about the maps problem, but if you don’t mind some adventure, I advise you to go! Check out here some Ecovia maps!

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